SAFE-BioPharma Certified Products and Services

SAFE-BioPharma encourages development of applications, products and services that support the standard and its expanded use. These companies participate as Partners. Certification provides the level of confidence SAFE-BioPharma members seek in implementing SAFE-BioPharma solutions.

SAFE-BioPharma Certified Products and Services:

Identity Manager/Identity Proofing Members:

SAFE-BioPharma FICAM Trust Framework 1.0

SAFE-BioPharma FICAM Trust Framework 2.0

SAFE-BioPharma Trust Framework 3.0

SAFE-BioPharma Self-Certification Program

SAFE-BioPharma member companies seek the assurance of software and hardware products that are certified as compliant with the SAFE-BioPharma standard.

Partners are eligible to self-test software and hardware products for compliance with the standard using a fast and inexpensive process. They develop and execute test scripts to evaluate product compliance, with guidance from SAFE-BioPharma’s Chief Compliance Officer and the SAFE-BioPharma functional and technical specifications

Once compliant, the product is certified and eligible to carry the SAFE-BioPharma logo.

For information and documents concerning self-certification:
David Simonetti, Policy and Governance Manager,