Welcome to SAFE-BioPharma

SAFE-BioPharma started in 2003 when a volunteer taskforce of biopharmaceutical company IT professionals developed a way for industry to manage cyber-identities and to use those identities to apply a higher form of electronic signature to electronic documents.

In conjunction with the US CIO Council, the FDA and the EU EMA, they  established the SAFE-BioPharma digital identity and signature standard, providing standardized, high-assurance identity trust for cyber-transactions across the biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

They also created SAFE-BioPharma Association, the not-for-profit industry coalition that manages the SAFE-BioPharma standard.

Our member companies fund the ongoing development and implementation of the SAFE-BioPharma standard and utilize the standard for a broad range of purposes.

Our mission is to help industry protect its substantial information assets, move its business processes online, and become paperless in order to improve productivity, reduce costs, and lower time to market.

Click below for more information about SAFE-BioPharma and what we do.

Organizations seeking to move business processes online with greater security and trust and to gather positive ROI through quicker time to market, lower process costs, improved regulatory compliance and better alignment with evolving governmental online processes are encouraged to participate in a SAFE-BioPharma Proof of Concept info@safe-biopharma.org

Use of SAFE-BioPharma digital identity credentials requires abiding by SAFE-BioPharma Association rules.


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