Welcome to SAFE-BioPharma


Created by the biopharmaceutical industry and its regulators to provide global high-assurance identity trust for cyber-transactions across the biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Legally enforceable. Regulatory compliant. Contract based. Privacy protected.


A single, trusted, interoperable Internet passport used to authenticate and manage identity and to apply secure digital signatures in electronic transactions.  Signatures linked to individual’s identity. Non-repudiable. Ensure document integrity.


Rapidly expanding network of users, credential issuers, applications, services and solutions governed by SAFE-BioPharma Standard. All compliant products can be confidently used by industry with knowledge they are acceptable to industry and regulators.

Managed by SAFE-BioPharma Association

The industry collaboration helping to improve productivity, reduce costs, and lower time to market by protecting information assets, moving business processes online, and becoming paperless.

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Organizations seeking to move business processes online with greater security and trust and to gather positive ROI through quicker time to market, lower process costs, improved regulatory compliance and better alignment with evolving governmental online processes are encouraged to participate in a SAFE-BioPharma Proof of Concept info@safe-biopharma.org

Use of SAFE-BioPharma digital identity credentials requires abiding by SAFE-BioPharma Association rules.